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Statement of faith



Dear Friends

I did hope to start this spring newsletter with thoughts of cold, dark, wintry days   gladly disappearing as we look forward to a freshness and the new life which March brings.   However not to be, piled up snow still adorns kerbsides and pavements, reminding  me of slush puppies, although not pink and blue, but a dirty grey colour and I suspect, not tasting like bubble gum ..

Does God have a sense of humour? – most certainly.   When we smugly think we have the weather all worked out and neatly compartmentalised, He demonstrates His power and authority by practically putting a halt sign on our lives.

During the past week, life for most of us took on another dimension – we had no choice – we had to wait, grow in patience, endurance, perseverance, self- control ,  be creative,  be a community, be a help to others and willingly receive help.

Amidst the sledging, igloo constructing, snowballing, stunt driving, (do you know cars can glide down braes side-ways??), there was a sense of quiet, a stillness, a peace.

My daughter stays on a busy thoroughfare. Despite double glazing she is always awakened by early morning delivery vehicles, buses and pedestrian noise. It was bliss for two days – no noise equals no stress.

 I expect she was exceptionally blessed. As I went about my work, words like “cabin fever” and “stir crazy” came to my ears and I was reminded that for many – especially those with kids off school – the peace and tranquillity may not have been so much in evidence.

There were many of us in that “pause” button state awaiting the thaw. How did we respond to the invitation from our God Almighty to stop, wait and listen?  Did we take advantage of the standstill in our lives and spend more time in Jesus company or did we choose to play catch up with our telly programmes, or watch the most recent box set ??

Our ways are not God’s ways therefore it should not be considered unusual for God to act with a meteorological intervention contrary to our understanding. In His desire to connect with His busy children He will go to extreme lengths to reach out with an unfathomable passion to demonstrate how wide and long, high and deep the measure of His love is for a nation such as ours.

 Are we recognising such immense love?   Are we awakened, watching in readiness, observing right before our eyes the “God demo” unfolding ??

Stay blessed and safe


“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.”


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Phyllis Duncan

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