Who we are.

SoBS was founded in 1991 by Alice Middleton MBE, who is now our founding patron. Following the death of her brother and finding little support available, she placed an advert in her local paper seeking to make contact with others who had been bereaved by suicide. She started the first support group from her living room in Hull.

SoBS has grown to become the only national charity providing dedicated support to adults who have been bereaved by suicide. We currently have around 150 volunteers across the UK who help to run our services – and we continue to grow. ·Our volunteers come from all walks of life but nearly all have been touched by suicide themselves, this experience enables them to connect with others (Source - uk-sobs.org.uk).

SOBS Kirkcaldy Support Group has two points of contact :

Donna is the facilitator and primary contact for the group. She lost her brother to suicide and is committed to supporting suicide prevention and intervention services, whilst providing group support for people who have lost someone following a self inflicted death. Donna has worked with other voluntary organisations to raise awareness of the UK SOBS organisation and establish SOBS Kirkcaldy Support Group within the network of organisations providing prevention, intervention and postvention services in Fife. Donna can be contacted by phone on 07707 69 77 39 or at help@sobskirkcaldy.org.uk

Delia is a volunteer at SOBS Kirkcaldy and she lost her son when he was 29 years old to suicide. Delia is committed to supporting the work of SOBS and recently attended an event organised by Choose Life in Fife to raise awareness of the work of UK SOBS and the SOBS Kirkcaldy Support Group. She recently attended a charity event hosted by a Fife based company to speak about the services provided by SOBS and the SOBS Kirkcaldy Support Group.

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide (Kirkcaldy) is a branch of Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide (SOBS UK).

SOBS UK is a charitable company limited by guarantee in England, Wales and Scotland.·

Registered Office: The Flamsteed Centre, Albert Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 5GU

Charity No. 1098815
Scottish Charity No. SCO41397.·